Collection: Fishmeal & betaine boilies

StarmerBaits fishmeal boilies all contain elevated levels of betaine HCI extract. It is a highly effective fish attractor and carp respond extremely well when this is combined with specific blends of fishmeal such as anchovy, caplin white fishmeal, salmon, krill and sardine meal. These highly digestible fishmeal protein baits enhance steady growth which is essential when considering a bait for a long term baiting program. All the fishmeal's we use are heat treated and have low fat levels.

Our kelp, shrimp, and blended fishmeal's, are superb attractors in their own right. However, this is not always enough, the carp has to enjoy its new food source and prefer it to the more natural substitutes. With this in mind, great care has been taken to gather information on the food in the carps own environment and these natural extracts have to be blended or replicated, especially on waters that have been heavily baited with fishmeal's. In effect, the fish are familiar with the food signal given off by loose feeds, but are given an extra inducement to pick up the bait where they would otherwise be indifferent. Contrary to belief combination fishmeal's are very effective when used in winter, it is only the straight fishmeal's that will fail to catch during the cold winter months.