Base mix mixing guidelines

Mixing guidelines, boilies.

1. Weigh out 1kg of base mix and place into a mixing bowl. 
2. Place dye ingredients in the dry mixing bowl along with the base mix and mix with base mix if dye is required (see dye packaging for dye ratios). 
3. Place 10 large eggs into a separate bowl (use 10 eggs per 1kg of dry base mix) If using boilie preserve, add this now (see packaging for instructions of boilie preserve use).

3a: preserve ratio bottom baits: 75ml-100ml per 5 eggs.
4. Add flavour (if required, see flavour packaging for ratios) into the bowl with eggs and mix, do not mix eggs into a froth. 
5. Add any other additives now if you wish into there respective bowls, make sure to follow recommended amounts. 
6. Add the liquid into the powder bowl and mix together until you have a warm soft, non sticky, consistency. Using a motorised mixer is always best for this step for best consistency and the least work.
7. Roll paste into boilies either by hand or with rolling tables if available, if you find your paste dry and hard to roll, simply add more eggs or water until correct. 
8. Boil boilies for approx 2-3 minutes or until they pop-up stirring frequently, once popped-up remove the boilies and place on a drying table or flat board until dry.  (PLEASE NOTE: Do not microwave boilies)
9 freezing your baits. Once boilies have sufficiently dried, place in an airtight container and place in the freezer until needed. Keep boilies frozen at all times until they are being used.
9 using boilie preserve. If using our boilie preserve, then skip the freezing step and proceed to air dry for 48 hours before storing in an airtight container until use.  See step 3 for adding.


    Mixing guidelines, pop ups.

    (Please note: the pop up base mix already contains egg, use boiling water as per instructions)

    1. Weigh out 200g of pop up base mix into a mixing bowl.
    2. Add 2-3 grams of dye into the pop up base mix bowl and mix thoroughly into the powder, if dye is required.
    3. Measure out 140ml of boiling water using a measuring container. If preserving for long term use see step 3a below.

    3a. If using StarmerBaits boilie preserve, measure out 100ml of boiling water, then add 40ml of boilie preserve and mix together thoroughly.

    4. Add 3-5ml of your desired flavour to the boiling water. Check flavour strength, some strong flavours may only require 3ml.
    5. Add the water & flavour to the mixing bowl, mix until you achieve a firm, pliable, non sticky paste, use a suitable mixing spoon for this if not using a mixer as the water will be hot.
    6. At this stage if your dough is not quite pliable/moist enough for rolling simply add boiling water in 20ml amounts until dough is perfect.
    7. Roll dough on rolling tables if available, or by hand.

    8. Cooking by microwave, if boiling go straight to step 9.
    -Place your rolled pop ups on a microwave proof plate.
    -Microwave pop ups for 1min 30 sec’s, on 600w, times may vary according to appliance.
    -Repeat process of microwaving every 12hrs until desired firmness is achieved.
    -Storage: store in an airtight container.

    9. Cooking by boiling.
    -Bring a pan of water to boiling point then lower to a steady simmer.
    -Add pop-ups into simmering pan.
    -Boil for approximately 3 mins, times will vary according to appliance.
    -Remove pop ups from water and drain through a sieve until cooled.
    -Air dry for 48hrs before use, baits can be air dried for up to 1 week.

    Mixing tips.
    -Mix too dry? Just add more boiled water to your mix (boiling water for pop up base mix) is the right consistency for rolling.
    -Mix too wet? Add some more base mix to the bowl until the mix is ready to roll.
    -Heat is key. Always ensure your base mix dough is a warm, soft and a pliable consistency before rolling. Heat is always important when mixing and rolling as this ensures all your ingredients are well mixed and working as they should.