The beginning. From its initial inception in 1976 selling sea and pike baits, StarmerBaits has come a long way, gaining an international reputation for quality baits. The company was formed by Ian Starmer, who’s passion for fishing from an early age naturally evolved into the well-known bait company of today.

First boilies. In the early eighties, boilies as a carp fishing bait were gaining a strong foothold among fresh water anglers in the UK and swiftly became the best method to catch elusive carp. They soon outranked bread, maggots, sweetcorn or any other method previously used. It followed that in 1986 production of Starmer's very first boilies began. Those preliminary boilies bore very little resemblance to the scientifically formulated products currently offered. At that time, it was normal practice for boilie manufacturers to include preservatives in their formulas. This stopped spoilage through natural degradation in the shops prior to selling and were labeled as ‘Shelf Life”. StarmerBaits rapidly came to the conclusion that this was going to be of possible detriment both to the fish and their environment and began using freezing as a more eco friendly alternative. This gave the added bonus that the new frozen boilies were proving even more attractive to carp than their predecessors.

Air dried revolution. However, the disadvantages of even this method were becoming apparent; with the ever present possibility of spoilage with defrosted boilies, making them an expensive prospect for customers if not used immediately. It was with this in mind that after more extensive research the current range of boilies was formulated; containing NO preservatives, needing NO freezing and is consistently attractive to carp. They deliver unquestionable protein and nutritional content in an attractive and convenient format, our signature air dried system is so effective it continues unchanged to this day.

Green lip mussel. In 1997 the properties of the green-lip mussel were found to be an excellent carp attractor and so the green lip mussel range of boilies and the green-lip mussel enriched pellet were introduced. This ever popular range has gone from strength to strength as its fan base among anglers grows daily. 1998 also saw the introduction of the bio-multi-Vit range of boilies, which has become one of the foremost all time best selling bait.

Lac fishabil. A unique water was also needed for these unrivalled baits and in 1998 trips started to Lac Fishabil in France, giving customers some great foreign fishing and the company an ideal test situation for new baits. StarmerBaits became an Official Sponsor of the World Cup 2000 held, where the baits featured prominently. By the end of 2002 Lac Fishabil formerly became part of StarmerBaits.

New blood. Over 30 years on it has become StarmerBaits and son when Gareth Starmer joined the family run business in 2004. With his own unique drive and input the StarmerBaits brand is set to go from strength to strength into an exciting future in the world of fishing.

Exciting new boilies. New and exciting baits have been successfully introduced over the years including BIO CP2 AMINO in 2007, pineapple c.s.l in 2008 & the octospice in 2009. 2010 saw a completely new boilie called the Coconut Fish. Having made coconut baits for 15 years it was ultimately time to see if this tried and tested product could be improved and this harmonious combination of coconut, fishmeal & green lip mussel extract proved just that. 

brave new pellet shaped world. 2010 saw a bold and exciting step forward in another direction with a new pelleting plant introduced to the company. This gave ultimate control of quality and value with both features passed directly to the customer along with the knowledge that the same exacting standards are applied to all products made by StarmerBaits.

New ways of thinking. Thanks to our knowledge and understanding of manufacturing pellets, our design and development of baits has changed over the last few years. Now when developing a boilie or pellet, we don’t just think on a single product scale, but an entire range, so when we develope a boilie, a pellet to match is made as well and vica verca. This duel development has enabled us to make much more compatible ranges than were possible before, ensuring your matching products are compatible right down to the smallest detail and scale.

Brand new pellet matching boilies. 2011-2013 saw the introduction and release of a number of new boilies to the range. In 2011 & 2012 StarmerBaits released the garlic sausage, a new duel colour bait along with the hot chilli & hemp boilie. 2013 saw the release of the bloodworm & tuna along with the halibut & coconut boilies. Both these later boilies are designed to work in harmony with not one but two different pellets at the same time and since their release have accounted for stunning captures.

The StarmerBaits brand can now be found in many countries across Europe as our carp angling neighbours learn from us the delights of the sport.