Boilie recipes

Stuck for ideas? Try these handy recipes for some interesting concoctions. You can use these as they are or add your own twists for something totally unique. All the ratios for these guides can be found on the relevant packaging. Guidelines for rolling boilie base mixes can be found here.


The following are just rough guides to follow, feel free to chop and change things to your liking, increase or decrease recommended ingredient amounts, dyes and flavours to make baits to your liking. 


-Milk protein base mix.
Peach & tangerine flavour.
Betaine powder.
Sweetener blend.
Yellow dye.


-Sweet bird seed base mix.
Squid flavour.
Betaine powder.
Chilli flakes.


-Fishmeal & betaine base mix.
Blackcurrant flavour.
Milk protein.
Dark red dye.


-Green lip mussel base mix.
Provimi 66 fishmeal.
Milk protein.


-Chopped nut base mix.
Tiger nut & maple flavour.
Milk protein.
Nyger seed.


-Pop up base mix.
Coconut cream flavour.
Betaine powder.
Fluro pink dye.