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Banana Cream boilies18mm

Banana Cream boilies18mm

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Air dried banana cream enhanced boilies on a milk protein base mix. The first boilies on the market back in the mid-eighties were the 50-50 Milk Protein boilie range. Many large fish have fallen for these over the years and they are still accounting for heaps of good quality fish nationwide. The 50/50 milk Protein boilies are based on a medium protein neutral base mix, which takes just about any flavour readily and is very digestible its dry base form, accepting any concentrated fish extracts and palatant enhancer. The majority of boilies used in England and in Europe are 50/50 Protein boilies and it is only when the carp becomes a little indifferent and your catch rates drop it becomes time to move on to a more sophisticated bait.
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