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BEAKS wild bird food

Berry & nut suet feed pellets 12.75kg

Berry & nut suet feed pellets 12.75kg

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BEAKS wild bird food suet fat pellets are a delicious easy to digest hi energy food that is suitable for feeding to all wild birds. Suet pellets can be fed throughout the year but are a must have food especially during the breeding seasons and in winter when food is scarce and higher protein is needed to survive. Suet fat feed pellets are probably the most sort after by wild birds or any species, they can easily be carried to either a place of safety or back to the nest where they make the perfect high protein feed for adult birds or fledgling. Use in conjunction with any existing peanut or seed feeder, or simply place direct onto the bird table or platform feeder. Add these highly nutritious suet pellets to any seed or seed blend to create a premium mix that is sure to attract all your favourite species from Robins, Blue tits, Black birds, Sparrows, Finches, wood peckers, Doves in-fact nearly all garden birds that come to your bird table will feed on suet fat pellets.

CONTAINS: suet fat, crushed berries, crushed nuts, wheat, maze, birdseed, calcium.

1 x 12.75kg box sent via Currier.

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