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Bloodworm & tuna boilies 15mm

Bloodworm & tuna boilies 15mm

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Green lip mussel extract is a highly concentrated powder extract originating from Green Lip Mussels are harvested in the tidal regions where the fresh water meets the sea. These mollusc are filter feeders; filtering out impurities in waters around New Zealand. When the mussel is harvested the lip of the mussel is separated and this is the part that is dried and concentrated. Its own natural high betaine level combined with vitamins and amino acids becomes the vital attractor to carp. Included in a ready made boilie, Green Lip Mussel makes a tremendous bait. It will revitalise a carps taste buds when introduced and it has the ability to induce more intense feeding and overcoming in most cases shyness to boilies: often fish will be taken within the first few hours of being introduced to a water. Results from using these baits show that even on the hardest water carp respond immediately to this product. Try it for yourself and you will see exactly what we mean!
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