6mm Sturgeon feed pellets fishmeal grower

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Top quality very high protein 50% 6mm sturgeon sinking pellet this is our tried and tested feed formula for feeding sturgeon, it has optimal amino acid and fatty acid to support sturgeon health,also can improve its natural disease resistance and contains all the vitamins and minerals to keep your sturgeon in top condition, koi carp and catfish love them as well.

Pellet type: sinking
Pellet size: 6mm
Ingredients: wheat, maize, barley, soy meal , fish meal, calcium, salt, fish oil Nutritional Analysis: Protein 52.0% / Oil 26,0% / Fiber 1,6% / Ash 6.1% / Vitamin A IU(IE)kg 15.000 / Vitamin D3 IU(IE)kg 2.000  / Vitamin E mg/kg 200  / Vitamin C mg/kg 160