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BEAKS wild bird food

Sunflower Hearts 20kg

Sunflower Hearts 20kg

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Sunflower hearts are a hugely popular wild bird feed due to their high protein and calorific value. At around 600 calories per 100g, this makes sunflower hearts one of the highest instant energy and acceptable wild bird feeds available. This highly versatile feed can be fed in a tubular feeder or on the table. Sunflower hearts will attract a variety of wild birds species to your garden.

  • Sunflower hearts are suitable to feed to wild birds & animals.
  • Suitable for all wild bird species.
  • For all year round use.
  • Rich source of oil and very high in protein.
  • Can be used in feeders, tables or ground.
  • Packaging may vary.

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Not for human consumption.
Weight: 20kg
Packaged: 20kg sack.
Shipped: 20kg sack, in a nylon sack.
Shipping: 24-48hr carrier.

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